CSS PTE. LTD maintains experience in design, fabrication, and installation in a wide-ranging variety of oil and gas production structures and associated facilities. 

We satisfy client’s expectation of a competent service provider with strong domain expertise.

Our domain expertise stems from unstated experiential knowledge, practical offshore experience and awareness of the business, industry and technical contexts, processes, practices, and requirements.

CSS supports our clients in the design, Transportation and installation of offshore and nearshore systems and associated facilities. Such as:

Pipeline and Associated systems but not limited to

  • Subsea Pipelines (Rigid and Flexibles)
  • Shore Pulling of Pipelines and subsea Cables.
  • Umbilical’s
  • Risers, I/J tubes
  • Tie-In spools
  • Subsea Tie-Ins
  • Diving & ROV supports
  • Cold & Hot Tapping (Associated with World class Vendors) 

Floating Production Systems installation but not limited to 

  • SPM / CALM Buoys with associated facilities
  • FSO Positioning and Tie-in with SPM’s
  • Floating manufacturing facilities (De-salination plant and other facilities) 
  • Wet towing

Fixed Production systems but not limited to 

  • Installation of Jackets.
  • Decks.
  • Connecting Bridges.
  • Monopods.
  • Pipeline End Manifolds

Decommissioning- IMR Activities

  • Removal of Redundant risers and Pipelines, Cables, etc.
  • Removal of Sump caissons
  • Repair and strengthens of subsea Jacket Brazing’s.
  • Removal and installation of boat landing, Riser Protectors and Barge Bumpers and associated facilities.

Marine Management & Skilled operation Activities

  • BIMCO Agreement
  • Ship/ Barge / Tower operation
  • Anchor Handling Operation
  • Onsite Maintenance Team

We have a team of Experienced professionals from offshore operation, Installation and Engineering domains supported by high level expertise for Project Management, Safety and Quality.

 We leverage our expertise across multiple domains to provide solutions that optimize project delivery

 Commitment to complete the Projects on time with high standards of Quality and Safety.