Marine and Offshore

Marine / Ship Management, is a field that not only involves high standards of safety, precision, industrial proficiency and capability but also dependable reliability, resource management, and punctuality – that is a necessity when dealing with sensitive instrumentation, service providing and assistance – technical or otherwise. This requires a high level of skilled-workforce and standardisation that we can confidently provide – may it be in surveying, cable-Laying, oilfield operations, marine vessel maintenance, and other marine project management services. We ensure that our execution is top-notch at every stage of the project, our focus always being on what you require. Our Team comprises of seasoned professionals with vast experience in the offshore Industry

Commercial Management

  • Chartering of Marine and Offshore Assets
  • Total integrated solutions for your offshore projects including manpower and catering solutions

Ship Management Services

  • Technical Management
  • Crewing Solutions
  • HSE Support and functions
  • Complete Manpower and Catering Solutions

Our Safety Culture

  • Our leadership team will continually develop and drive an inclusive safety culture aligned to our safety objectives of Occupational, Personal and Process Safety.
  • All Employees will strive to operate in a manner which safeguards the health, safety and security of our employees and those with whom we do business.
  • “Act On What We See” is a behavioural approach we adopt to focus minds through direct actions to prevent injury and incidents in support of our aim of ‘Zero Harm’
  • Every member of Energy-CSS has the authority to STOP WORK if they believe what they observe could cause harm to any person or the environment.
  • To continuously develop an engaged workforce that actively participates in the ongoing development of our Health and Safety culture through a fully inclusive approach.
  • Ensure all personnel have a good working environment that promotes health, safety and mental well being.

Energy-CSS Safety Philosophy​

Energy-CSS Safety Culture